AVON Money Management

AVON Money Management Tips

Most people join AVON to make money.  I want to share with you a few tips on money management to make running your AVON business easier.

1.  Cash on Delivery with all AVON customers.

Never leave the goods with customers unless they have paid.  At least then, if a customer doesn’t have the money,  you are able to return the products and get credited straightaway, so you don’t owe anything.

2.  Keep another purse/handbag

Yes, it is an excuse to buy another handbag/purse!  Seriously, I find it so much easier keeping my AVON money separate from my personal money.  It means you don’t accidently spend the money you owe to AVON.

3.  Shopping with AVON yourself

If you are anything like me,  you won’t be able to resist buying something from the AVON brochure.  The key to this is write out an order form for yourself and actually put the cash into your AVON bag.  Even though you are an AVON Representative and you get fantastic discounts, you still have to pay for the products!

4.  Pay your AVON bill on time

This is really important that you do pay your bill on time.  This will mean that your next order will go off on time and that you don’t get yourself into any difficulties.  It’s quite simple to pay – either by Giro Slip (at the Post Office), over the internet or over the phone.

5.  Want to earn more money with AVON?

If you do want to earn more money – there are two main options available.

  • Sell more AVON – find new customers or sell more to existing customers. Get tips from everyone.
  • Become a Sales Leader – find and build a team of AVON representatives yourself.


Most importantly, just keep it simple and separate from your own money.  If you do start to have problems, please speak to whoever introduced you to AVON or your Area Sales Manager.

Sarah HenshallAVON Money Management

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